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  • Maintain smooth blood vessels In-Vino-Veritas™ Mediterranean is a food supplement with lycopene, polyphenols and vitamin C* and B1**. It helps maintain smooth blood vessels* and is good for your heart**
  • Based on the Mediterranean diet In-Vino-Veritas™ Mediterranean is a unique formula based on the acclaimed Mediterranean diet
  • 100% Natural In-Vino-Veritas™ Mediterranean contains lycopene and polyphenols from specially selected red wine grapes, tomatoes and organic olives
Made with the best olives

The beneficial effects of In-Vino-Veritas™ Extra can be observed below. The polyphenols (in green) heal the endothelial cells which line the inner layer of your blood vessels, stretching over a total area of 3000m2! They reduce endothelial inflammation (red cells), thereby restoring endothelial function and helping to prevent atherosclerosis development.

Product features
  • A unique formula, based on the acclaimed Mediterranean diet
  • With no less than 700mg polyphenols per daily dose
  • Without the negative effects of alcohol in wine
  • With extra added Resveravine™ for more trans-resveratrol
  • With extra added Oli-Ola™ extract sourced during the production of olive oil, but without the negative effects of its calories.
  • With extra added Lycopene from ripe red tomatoes
  • With extra added Lycopene from ripe red tomatoes
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